Babaliah loves USSR

Here is a selection of rare vinyl records from USSR from the vaults of Melodya. Back in the 70's, if someone from the west could have had an accurate look (and listen) through the iron curtain, he would have gotten a big musical surprise. Although the idea of cultural development in the soviets was highly connected with the idea of lack of freedom, although the only musical style that seemed to emerge from USSR was the Red Army choirs, modern music was very healthy there, and it was, by many ways, even more "western" oriented than in western Europe. By Western, I mean Black!!!At the time, Jazz, Soul, Funk and even Tropical was having a golden age in Russia, Georgia, Azerbadjian, Armenia and other regions of the USSR. The reason why is both complex and simple : primarily, listenning to this music and playing it was allowed and that's the main reason. But we can consider other facts :
-This genres perfectly matched the high versatility of classical infused musicians, composers and big band conductors/arrangers
-Black music from the USA was more considered as the music of a dominated people than imperialist propaganda.
-The cultural links and exchanges with african and latin american countries wes very tight. There was even a relationship between the USSR and some revolutionnary / protester groups from the United States amoung which the US Communist Party and the Black Panthers.
-The youth, just as in any place in the world at this time, was in demand for party/freedom music and took no time to enjoy the dancing rythms
-The folk heritage in rural soviets was about rythm, emotion, musical skills, voices and dance. That's what the musicians and the listeners found in Jazz, Soul and Funk!

To highlight the sampling potential, the intro is live edited with my old DJM 400.. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did.