Babaliah loves Jugoslavia 1 ( traditions)

During the last 15 years, beeing a hardcore record seeker in the flea markets, I've put my hand on dozens of 45's from former Yugoslavia. Some of them were cheesy ballroom music with no big interest as far as I was concerned. Some other were modern grooves mixing pop, rock, jazz, funk with the traditionnal background. Some other were really tasty traditionnal grooves that I learned to love after hours of listenning, trying to sort the ones I was going to keep or not. Interculturality and interethnicity are part of former Yugoslavia. And it seems that it can't be denied by the musical production. Some people helped me to know which track or musician belongs to which ethnic group. Partly in vain. This selection is an ode to interculturality which features syncopated, and even really oriental tracks alongside offbeat accentuated, balkanic rythms. The footprint of the ottoman Empire is deep. It's my first journey into Europe and traditionnal music. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I am!