Babaliah loves Madikera 1 ( Calypso)

As some of you already know, Madikera is a double word, or "Mot-valise" as we say in french, composed with Madinina, the original name of Martinique and Karukera, the original name of Guadeloupe. This first selection dedicated to those two french departments, more often called "Les Antilles", focuses on a little know side of their music. Calypso wass THE big musical phenomenon in non spanish caribbean music back in the 40's. The social and political commentaries of rural callypsonians, and the Jazz-big-band-esque arrangements of urban calypso made their way to the world, especcialy in west Africa to participate to the birth of Highlife. But also to the neighbouring french speaking Islands! and a lot of calypso tracks were recorded in the late 50's and early 60's by musicians and singers from both Martinique and Guadeloupe! Sung in french créole! Here are some of them. On rare early 60's records from the likes of Debs, Maison des merengues, Aux ondes, Karukera...I hope you will enjoy!