Babaliah Loves Sega 1 (60's)

My 60's serie goes further with a selection dedicated to Sega. This exotic music from the indian ocean kept its name during years although it changed a lot since its birth. in the 60's, the swaying rhythm of sega was often played by subtile percussions and the creole melodies were often mixed with jazzy arrangments. just like the Biguine in Guadeloupe and Martinique, early sega was influenced both buy the african rythms and colonial music from old europe like Mazurka. The selection here contents nice pieces of sega, including somr really jazzy ones, recorded in the 60's, from "la réunion", Maurice (Mauritius) and Madagascar, as some of the musical exchanges in the Indian Ocean gave the opportunity to some musicians from Madagascar to play sega... The selection highlights the work of the likes of Mr Jerry " Sega Nelson, Franckie Hart, Roger Clency, Loulou Pitou, Luc Donat or freddy Ranarison.I hope you'll enjoy!