Babaliah Loves BENIN 1 (Latin)

For my first Beninese selection ( it will soon be followed by 3 other ones), I tried to focus on the latin side of 70's Beninese Music. The 2 opening tracks are 2 different versions of "Gendamou Si we" (Policeman's wife-La femme du Gendarme), a great example of "Pach Fon" which was a really famous style at this time : Pachanga sung in Fon (Fongbe). The lovely track is played in 2 slighly different ways by Orchestre Polyrythmo and is featured on two lovely 45's on the mighty LA Aux écoutes Label. The selection also highlights the latin work of one of the greatest african latin legend, who was influenced by both Benny More and Charles Aznavour : the great Gonnas Pedro! At the time he recorded a serie of LP's with His Djadjes band. Finishing with lovely "La Musica en Vérité"! Enjoy!