Babaliah Loves Colombia

For my first journey into colombian music, I offer you some musical heat that I've found amazing since I first met it about 15 years ago, as one friend of mine came back from Latin America with a few cd's and let a few of us have a listen, and then a copy... Cumbia is one of the most important syles in the african diaspora. Easy to blend with hip hop, reggae, ska or eastern brassbands, Cumbia has became a DJ tool, but for me it will always be a music from the rrots. Here you will here several cumbias, but also gaïtas, porros, fandangos, merecumbes,... the number of ruthms in Colombia is outstanding and it's quite difficult for me to even know the rythm when I hear it. But I love the jazz arrangments of porro, the wild percussive rythm section of the cumbias, the highly melodic themes of the gaïtas, and the brassband power of the fandangos! Ramon Vargas, Lucho Bermudez, Climaco Sarmiento, La Sonora Curro, Pedro Laza, los Corraleros de Majagual and others take part to the journey...Hot!