Babaliah Loves Ry-Co Jazz

Ry-Co Jazz is one of my favorite bands. It started its carreer in Congo and takes its name from the french "Rythme Congolais Jazz". In the Mid 60's, after extensive sessions in Paris, they were invited to Martinique and Guadeloupe for a little tour, but this tour happened to be 3 years years long, and it tottally changed the musical lendscape of these french islands, adding a deep west-african twist to the biguine rooted sound. Even with the influence of the neighbouring latin music and haitian compas direct/cadence rempa, The musical style called Tumbélé would'nt have really been the same without Ry-Co Jazz... Here are my favorite tracks from the band, mostly on 7 inches records, with rumbas, merengues, tumbélés, buiguine and impossible to describe afro-carribean UFO's...Alors, est-ce que tu bois beaucoup?