Babaliah Loves Congo

A lovely mix focusing on Congo's 60's latin infused music : Merengue, Cha-cha and of course Rumba. Beautiful and melodic vocals, hard Conga playing, early psychedelic guitars and neckbreaking basslines compose this unique afro-latin blend which influenced the whole continent. One of the first "modern" musical genre to come out of Africa (with Highlife). I am especcially found of the early Sebene which you can listen to in several rumbas here, the second part of the tracks, dedicated to the dancers: mostly instrumental, with only screams from the singers to tease the audience, with often sax or guitar choruses and always a big work of the rythmic section, bass and congas. More Sebene, maybe even with a funky flavor, will be presented later in a volume 2 showing of some Congolese music from the 70's. I hope you will like this one because I liked selecting those tracks!